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Pfeiffer Vacuum Opens New Asia Leak Detection Application Lab


  • Facilitate the integration and development of local innovation and industry markets
  • Better meet the needs of customers in China and Asia

Pfeiffer Vacuum, one of the world’s leading providers of vacuum solutions, recently announced the official opening of its new Asia Leak Detection Application Lab (LD Lab). The theme of the opening ceremony was "Innovative, Sustainable, Progressive", highlighting the superior support that this state-of-the-art facility provides to customers in China and Asia. Located in the Wuxi Hi-Tech Zone, near Pfeiffer Vacuum's Asia Regional Distribution Center and production plant, the Asia LD Lab covers an area of 130 square meters.

As one of the world's leading suppliers of vacuum technology and gas leakage detection solutions, Pfeiffer Vacuum currently has four innovative leak detection application laboratories worldwide, located in Germany, France and North American, respectively. Pfeiffer Vacuum’s new Asia LD Lab operates on a pioneering business model in the vacuum industry, backed by over 60 years’ experience in engineering and leak detection. Through the operation of its Asian LD Lab, Pfeiffer Vacuum can deliver best-in-class application solutions and feasibility reports according to usage scenarios of local customers, strengthen service support for customers in China and Asia, as well as promote the integration and development of local innovation and industry markets.

The Asia LD Lab is equipped with advanced and integrated testing systems (30L small chamber and 420L large chamber test systems) that can be used for validation of more than 80 percent of parts in general industries. By cooperating with the application team at corporate headquarters, the Asia LD Lab supports local customers to create new experimental methods and to validate new products and leak detection methods that can be both replicated and mass-produced.

Pfeiffer Vacuum has always attached great importance to the development of the Chinese market. Since establishing phase two of its Wuxi factory operation in 2019, Pfeiffer Vacuum has increased its production capabilities to better meet the needs of local customers and achieve strategic growth in markets such as vacuum coating and semiconductors. In 2022, Pfeiffer Vacuum opened its Asia Regional Distribution Center in the Wuxi Hi-Tech Zone to enable a faster response to customer orders, achieve cost-efficiency, and optimize the supply chain by consolidating regular shipments from various production sites. This year, the newly launched Asia LD Lab enables improvements in product quality by utilization of various leak detection methods. These improvements could also enhance product reliability and durability, reduce post-purchase and maintenance expenses for customers, optimize the end-user experience, and foster sustainability across the entire industrial market.

Florian Schneider, Global Head of Market Segment Industry of Pfeiffer Vacuum, and Julien Valentin, General Manager of Pfeiffer Vacuum China, attended the opening ceremony. “We are full of confidence in the Chinese market and will look for more opportunities to promote the growth of our Chinese business in the future. The vacuum leak detection market has great potential. Our mission is to be the most sustainable market player in the industry, to promote the sustainable development of innovative technologies, bring more value to our customers in China and Asia, and ultimately co-create a better future”, said Julien Valentin.

Pfeiffer Vacuum Asia Leak Detection Application Lab
Pfeiffer Vacuum Asia Leak Detection Application Lab