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Why Pfeiffer Vacuum

Why should you choose Pfeiffer Vacuum?

At Pfeiffer Vacuum, you’ll find not only colleagues but, above all, a team. The professional and human qualifications of each individual contribute to the joint success of the company. We’re already successful both nationally and internationally and are on course for growth. We’re rooted locally but are at home all over the world. Pfeiffer Vacuum operates in more than 25 locations worldwide. The invention of the turbopump more than 60 years ago was a particular milestone in the history of our company. But we have not stood still since then - with the help of our approx. 4,000 employees, we are one of the technology leaders in the industry and set global standards!

We accompany you as you develop
You can expect to encounter a variety of challenges which will help you to fully develop your potential! But what exactly does that mean? We have confidence in our employees, give them responsibility and encourage their creativity. Our employees are given a wide range of creative opportunities to develop the company and themselves. Continuing education and training opportunities are the key to both your success and ours. We offer all employees an individual training program which is specially tailored to their professional development, no matter whether they work in an office or in production.

Taking care of your future is our priority
In annual staff appraisals, we record your needs and expectations and set the course for the coming year. We also make sure that your career and private life are always in balance. To ensure this, we offer options such as flexible working hours, part-time working models and childcare support.

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Welcoming individuality and diversity
Our employees are as diverse as our challenges. We promote diversity and are convinced that opinions, cultures, experiences and values make the difference when it comes to being successful! For this reason, everyone is welcome - regardless of their gender, age, origin, nationality, religion, disability, sexual identity and orientation or other characteristics.

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Social responsibility (CSR)
As a partner, Pfeiffer Vacuum is committed to local growth and social integration and contributes to the improvement of society. This includes actions such as maintaining a dialog with schools, universities and other associations. Disabled and children's aid organizations receive grants for their work, regional sports clubs are given support, and schools and universities are provided with donations of money and in kind. We also have a responsibility towards the environment. We are committed to conserving the environment for future generations, and we strive to limit the ecological impact of our company sites while also promoting sustainable practices. Our industrial and ecological approach is a continuous process of improvement. We are currently certified to ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 50001 (energy management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) and are working on new environmental technologies.

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