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In order to prevent structural deficiencies and systematic misconduct, an essential part of our compliance program is aimed at creating a collective awareness of the importance of integrity and compliance with regulations and laws for us at Pfeiffer Vacuum and what the consequences for the entire Group can be if just one individual disregards these principles.

We have established policies for our key areas of anti-corruption, competition law, export control, anti-money laundering and data protection & information security. These policies provide orientation for both our managers and our employees. In this way, we can ensure that everyone adheres to the same rules.

We conduct regular training sessions, adapted to the needs and tasks of the respective training groups, to explain the relevant contents of our internal guidelines. In addition to these sessions, training on our Code of Conduct is mandatory for all managers and employees.

Our managers and employees have the opportunity to contact the responsible Compliance Officers at any time and discuss any critical situations or concerns. As a preventive measure – before anything happens.

Our managers play an important role when it comes to preventing misconduct. We believe that the example they set with regard to our values is an indispensable component of good compliance, as is their consistent communication of these values which sets the “tone from the top”.

Compliance program - Prevention

Compliance program - Identification

Compliance program - Action

Be aware. Be brave. Be compliant.

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