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Business partners or external stakeholders

Business partners or external stakeholders

We offer you, as our business partner or external stakeholder, the opportunity to contact us via our confidential and web-based whistleblowing system.

Completely anonymous: The web-based whistleblowing system
The web-based whistleblowing system, which is certified according to data protection guidelines, makes it possible to report violations completely anonymously. When you send your message, you can set up a protected mailbox. One of Pfeiffer Vacuum Group’s Compliance Officers will use this mailbox to give you feedback on what is happening with your report or to ask questions if any details are still unclear. You do not have to disclose your identity at any time.

Report incident

Important for you
All reports are treated confidentially. We will fully protect you as a person who is providing information to the best of your knowledge and belief, so that you do not suffer any disadvantages.
However, we also take into account the interests of the person referred to in the report. This means that there may be consequences if a false report is made intentionally. Responsible use of the whistleblowing system is therefore essential.

Be aware. Be brave. Be compliant.

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